Full Moon in Sagittarius


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Full Moon in Sagittarius, 

May 29th, 2018 (7:19 AM, PST)

The honeybee is a beautiful reflection of our natural ability to make a bee-line towards our goals. As can be observed with the honeybee at this time, nothing can distract her from the task at hand. Her dedication to pollinating and collecting information from the land is humbling and inspiring. 

She is the archer in motion. She is on a sacred mission to serve her realm

with dedication and ceremonial devotion. 

During this full moon, she invites us to ask what we most deeply desire to serve and with whom we feel inspired to co-create with. As is reflected in her ecstatic commitment, we are also on a sacred quest, now more than ever. Much has been revealed recently that cannot be ignored. The depth of our personal and collective visioning is surfacing now. Our dedication is unstoppable, impenetrable, relentless.  

This Sagittarius full moon illuminates our relationship with dedicated expansion.

Naturally, this moon is quite supportive of the deep seeds we've planted since the Taurus new moon two weeks ago. At this point in time, the Sagittarius archetype emphasizes our motivation to continue cultivating and growing that which is more tangible now. Yet, decisions must be made regarding which seeds are strong enough to last the season.

Questions may begin to arise regarding how we wish to be seen, share, and inspire the larger whole. It is a time to choose how we wish to proceed for ourselves, woven within the fabric of the whole. 

The time to choose is now.  

Philosophical and/or visionary ideas will start to take form at this time. It is a time of communication and socialization, of learning through studying, teaching, and networking. We must learn to embrace this social expansion in order to cross-pollinate our dreams, weaving them throughout the collective web of life.

The invisible, feel-your-way-in-the-dark energy has met the sun; a desire to balance our roots with our shoots feels URGENT.

We are being called to claim our desires and SPEAK them into being.

The power of the spoken and written word is vital to our manifestation powers at this time. This full moon energy can and will transform our lives for the next several years if we evoke the language of our desires wisely. 

Particular pressure may surface around feeling a need to share the hard work we've done during the Soul's Winter. An emphasis is placed on the desire to be larger-than-life through all forms of social networking.

We also feel the call to broadcast our visions to the world and see what sticks. And yet this moon provides the stark contrast between surface-level sharing and metaphysical, existential, and truly visionary life-affirming ideas. This is a pivotal time to get clear on the direction we're heading.

What do we REALLY want?

How do we desire to co-create our most authentic future?

During this full moon, it is wise to reflect on the methods in which we seek our conquest.

What inspires you to move forward?

As I pass flowering trees and shrubs on this full moon, I pause and sit with the honeybee for a moment. I notice how she indulges in the erotic pull of her sacred service to the greater Womb Beeing. I share in her confidence and energized purpose. Her faith in the beauty way calls me forward.

Blessed Bee,

Desiree Rose


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