New Moon in Gemini

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Astrology Report

New Moon in Gemini, 

June 13th, 2018 (12:44 AM, PST)

This moon is a MASSIVE reset in the ways in which we think about and communicate with ourselves, each other, and the divine. It is a time to begin anew, relax and soften into the unfolding of all you wish to be in this world and how you wish to be stimulated intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

What excites you? What lights you up?

Better yet, what difficult conversations bring you closer to the Love that you are?

Gemini is represented by the twins, the intellectually curious, talkative, witty, and articulate individuals of the world. With this new moon energy, the love expressed and communicated between two individuals can feel monumental.

Yet, equally as important, the love expressed to the SELF will lift the weight

of all you feel you're not ready to face. Fear turns to understanding, trauma loosens its grip,

challenge and struggle dissolve, all at the helm of a compassionate heart.

I cannot help but to reflect on Plato's novella, The Symposium during this new moon portal. In his speech, the Greek playwright Aristophanes attempts to explain to a dinner party of wealthy Athenian philosophers why humans fall in love. He tells a tale of humans that had two heads, four arms, and two legs. These individuals were separated by Zeus and thus, continue to search the world over looking for their other half.

Similar to this tale, we are being asked to shape-shift our relationship to the notion of love,

whether that be with another or with ourselves.

The idea of coming more fully into the wholeness of who we are through loving, light-hearted connection to self can feel so nourishing at this time. If we can learn to dissolve the barriers to love, to see and communicate as never before, our realm of relations can expand tenfold. 

Writing, sending messages, teaching, and listening intently are all amazing ways to express the tenderness of your discomfort. Starting a conversation with your inner child and asking them what they need may be a good place to begin.

However, Gemini tendencies can often lead to TOO much mental processing. Check in with yourself and make sure that the place you're speaking from feels embodied and heart-centered. Feeling scatter-brained and anxious can be signs of an over-active Gemini mind. The twins as relayed in The Symposium are originally of one being, not two beings battling each other. Making a war of your two faces will only cause self-hatred to erupt.

You are not the same person you were a month, five months, a year ago. Have an honest conversation with the one you've become, and perhaps reflect with a friend who's seen you through your metamorphosis.

Change doesn't mean all must be demolished, yet acknowledging change gives space

for what no longer serves to shed as naturally as water runs across bare skin after a cleansing bath. 

Breath into your heart space, anchor yourself there, perhaps even imagine a line grounding you from your heart to the Earth. Breath here. You are swarming into being, ready to embody your vulnerability as a strength.

Blessed bee,


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