Full Moon in Capricorn


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Full Moon in Capricorn, 

June 27th, 2018 (9:54 PM, PST)

I am resilient. I trust the movement. I negate the chaos and uplift the negative.
I’ll show up at the table again, and again, and again. I’ll shut my mouth and learn to listen.
— Rising Appalachia

I almost didn't post this full moon astrology report as I was waist-deep in my own filth. But last night, as the moon reached Her peak fullness, I decided to reach out to a friend and share my shit. It was during this conversation that the writing bug hit me and I knew I had no choice but to respond. This is part of the medicine this moon is asking of us. She is encouraging us to face our own shadows and endure onwards, not by turning away, but by getting our hands dirty. She asks us to share our muck and mess in order to see the larger cosmic message that's being transmitted. The last few words my dear sister left me with were, in summary:

The path towards 'enlightenment' will always be full of thorns.

We cannot avoid this, yet we can choose to wear shoes.

This message is poignant! It comes at a time of great upheaval of all we've known to be true, and good, and comfortable. It comes at a time in which all the plans and organizing and goals we've made are tossed out with the bath water and we are left with the bare-boned, thorny path ahead. We are being asked to start anew. And yet new beginnings, although refreshing in some aspects, make us face the path ahead with blind faith.

How do you choose to walk in blind faith?

We have no choice but to surrender to the Divine Plan through the depths of destruction. It is not a torment to be resisted or feared. Nor is it a surrender through "giving up". Instead, we are being called to step into a wiser, truer sense of maturity than we ever knew was inside of us. It takes commitment to stay surrendered to destruction with an open heart. So often these dark times bring about our fears, guilt, shame, self-judgement, and inner demons. Yet it is our choice to stay in a frequency of unconditional love for ourselves and those around us.

Surrender your heart to the vastness of unconditional love, one that is

bright enough to shine through the clouds of your inner demons.

This Capricorn full moon is conjunct (within one degree) its ruling planet, Saturn. Saturn rules over commitment, fear, and discipline. So often the descent is often catalyzed by an initiation or experience that we didn't choose. And yet the structures set forth by Saturn give us the backbone to find and stay in our poise through this dark journey. We have the opportunity to travel this path not as a victim, but as a pilgrim seeking a deeper wisdom rooted in expansion to the vastness of LOVE living at our core. It is through this journey that we emerge more whole than ever before. This destruction IS our succor, deepening us into the wisdom of the soul-forging power of the descent.  

"And if every way is closed before you, the secret one will show a secret path

no other eyes have seen." ~ Illuminated Rumi, Michael Green

The choice to be diligently masterful of the limitations along our path is no easy feat. Being wise and aware of the cosmic plan does not equate to simplicity. Holding the vastness of this Order is an ugly truth to look square in the eyes. Often times it is a harsh reality, full of adult responsibilities we don't want to face. It takes patience and a depth of devotion to uphold our personal path as the greatest honor imaginable. 

Remember that this wisdom keeps us stoic and aligned with the truth in chaos. In this wisdom we can be burned by the fires and emerge as the phoenix in service to the greatest love imaginable. 

If I were to relate this moon to a wild honeybee nest, I'd paint you a picture of the most immaculately designed honeycomb. Each cell filled to the brim with perfectly cured honeyed-wisdom, matured, capped to perfection, dated, and organized by type of Earthen knowledge. There would be rows upon rows of honeycomb woven together to form a library of the Earth and Ethers and stored intentionally in the heart-depths of the womb. The beeings have spent years curating these cells, knowing that one day they'll be used for their divine purpose. And yet in the midst of this loving order, the claws of a bear sweep in and demolish all the years of preserved wisdom. The beeing doesn't cry over spilled honey. She choses to see this as the 'proper purpose' of the honey. This is the medicine of its time, this is what it was created for.

During these times of great upheaval, I encourage you to be as the beeing and embrace these structures of karmic destruction. They are here to help us rebuild our lives with the same disciplined love with which they have just been destroyed. Yet this time, we know of the resilience it takes to hold and care for this much loving wisdom.

Blessed Bee,

Desiree Rose


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