Partial Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Cancer

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Partial Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Cancer, July 12th, 2018 (7:48 PM, PST) 

Undertone overcast in breath outside, going on a limb. Tearing off the bandage to uncover fearlessness.
When lightening strikes it’s met in the middle, as a bone-bent riddle be met with a riddle be found in breath outside.
— "Tightrope Walker", Ayla Nereo

We are IN it! Eclipse season is upon us and is starting off with a very sensitive and emotional partial solar eclipse on the new moon in Cancer. Typically we associate new moons with new beginnings, however, this moon may feel like more of a death in many ways. It is a marker of major endings, a closing of the portal that opened last August 2017. Themes that were present around that time will resurface for final reckoning. This is a time to reflect on all that has taken place since that time, to close doors that no longer serve, gather the lessons learned, and move forward with your tool belt full of ONLY the essentials.

I relate this new moon + eclipse portal to the meditation of highlining (or tightrope walking as referenced in the above song). In both cases, the walker chooses to put his or her fear aside and 'simply' WALK THE LINE by focusing solely on the present moment.

It takes great inner strength and focus of mind to

channel bodily fear into empowered movement. 

In a similar sense, this new moon + eclipse will be heavily clouded with old, ugly, or disturbing emotions and ways of relating that no longer serve us. More specifically, the archetype of Cancer is very much family and emotionally oriented. We are being asked to deeply reflect on ancestral or personal traumas as well as family patterns. It is essential to get brutally honest with how these experiences have been influencing the ways we walk in this world. Are we standing with our values and integrity? This is a threshold of a karmic reckoning with our long-buried unconscious ways of interacting in intimate and social relationships.

How can you keep what serves and stoically discard the illusions encoded in your DNA?

By highlighting these patterns, this new moon gives space to deeply heal, most likely triggered by unexpected or unexplainable crisis and massive upheaval arising at this time. Once again, I use the metaphor of the highliner; When put in a situation where the fight or flight instinct is triggered the walker comes face-to-face with reality versus illusion. And yet, it is not possible to clearly see reality without first looking illusion straight in the face. By redirecting our perceptions in this way, we realize that every moment is a choice to stay in fear or expand into love (TBA with full moon + eclipse on July 27th and new moon + eclipse on August 11th).

lastly, it is important to realize that eclipses are massive reset buttons

demanding immediate change.

Eclipses are not a time to wallow in self pity. We must face reality before walking the tightrope is even an option. Perhaps this takes the form of time spent in nature, in solitude, or with close kin. How will you move through the ugly, outdated illusions while nourishing and healing yourself in the process? Who and what needs to be tended to? What are the non-negotiable essentials for your wellbeing and your destiny?

Blessed Bee,



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