Total Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon in Aquarius


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Total Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon in Aquarius, 

July 27th, 2018 (1:21 AM, PST) 

Alliances are shifting. Identities are falling apart whilst coming together more fully. Life-force energy is turning inward to expand outward tenfold. Every seed has the potential for life, yet it is our choice to nourish or let die which roots and branches we wish to let grow in this world.

Is what you're manifesting really what you want? How will you get there? Who will you associate with? 

We must be REALLY clear about our values and morals as we begin to emerge from the shell of darkness. This is a moon of activation and reinvention of old ways of being. It is a time of connection with others. A time of expansion into the heart-space, of loving with intention. Integrity is key to living an eccentric, fully messy, and human experience.

This takes radical awakening to the truth of who we really are. Often times the truth hurts. It's ugly, raw, and uncomfortable, and yet it encourages us to stretch into the growing pains. Beyond pain lies the fullest love imaginable. Envision and activate that love NOW.

We are being called to step up and forward. To be bold. To hold our unique vision. To own our desires.

To be courageous enough to take the center stage of our lives and, in turn, invite others to do the same. 

A lunar eclipse happens when Earth passes between the sun and the moon, causing the Earth's shadow to cast onto the moon. At this point in the sky, the sun is conjunct Leo AND the full moon is conjunct Mars. We are being asked to acknowledge our strengths and release the internal war and dialogue, shattering all that's holding us back from true liberation (for the self and the collective).  

This full moon in Aquarius rules the collective nervous system, higher neural activity, and the crown chakra. It is not the best time to be staring at a screen or using any technology as this overstimulates our already hyper-sensitive nervous system. Herbal and dietary adrenal support and time spent in nature are highly encouraged.

Connect to the nervous system of the earth.

Take a nap amongst the roots of a tree. Study the veins of your favorite plant. Gaze at roadmaps til your eyes are crossed and daydream about all that your future has in store for you. The time for action is upon us. But for tonight, take a breath and thank your body for how far you've come and all you're realizing about your future. You're on the path, we're in this together.

Blessed Bee,



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