Supermoon + Partial Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Leo

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Astrology Report

Supermoon + Partial Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Leo, 

August 11th, 2018 (2:58 AM, PST) 

My light does not belong to the day time. It glows brightest amongst stars, hidden from the eyes of those who wish to slumber as magic unfurls between galaxies of stardust. My light doesn’t concern itself with your sight. It is holy and pure, glimmering like a pearl miles beneath an ocean of celestial waters. If you care to dive to my depths, my light illuminates the fractals of your being that rays of sunlight cannot penetrate. And yet we shine, side by side; A spotlight of pride showcasing the contrast of our heavenly glow. My light reflects in particles rediscovered and healed within the heart.
— Desiree Rose

Third time's a charm! This is the last of our series of three eclipses for 2018. With the new moon in Leo, light codes of love are ushering in new beginnings with the heart proudly leading the way.

While the new moon + eclipse of July 12th was riddled with crisis and trauma, the full moon + eclipse of July 27th (although cruel and insensitive) gave us an opportunity to listen to our authentic hearts desires above all else. These energies were allowing for clearing, integration, and reinvention of our most embodied, human selves.   

Part of the beauty of a new moon lies in its pure reflection within the darkness of new beginnings. This moon becomes even more potent in Leo, the sign of radiance, illumination, and expansion into the light. This is a time to fully embody the pieces of ourselves we've kept hidden from the world in fear of being different.

Leo ask us to take ownership of our differences and

light the path for others shine to their unique essence into the world.

The new moon of August 11th is also a Supermoon, meaning it's closest to the earth due to the earth's rotation. The energy of this moon feels the most accessible and tangible at this time. Although she's not physically visible, her presence magnetizes us towards our destiny, seemingly without much effort.

By simply being in our truth and allowing others to see us fully,

we are evoking that which conspires to enliven our relationships.

Heart-healing is abundant and readily available with this new moon. As we step out of old patterns and show others how to be better humans we self-heal the pieces of our lives that felt inauthentic. Leo energy inspires us with energies of expansion. Leo evokes our courage, our child-like curiosity, and our unapologetic confidence. These qualities, which felt so foreign and unattainable the past three months are now ready to shine. The flood-gates have opened. All we have been processing is moving us forward with a lightness of being.

This is a time to honor the magnetism of your authenticity. 

It is no longer appropriate to put faith in others images of you, as oftentimes these images can be tainted. This eclipse season has brought a total eclipse of the heart with truth at the center. Although this may have been reflected in your relationships, the intention has remained pure to open the heart-space and clear it of impurities. The lion does not look to others for a source of strength. It is the inner strength of the heart that resources radiant relationships.

The moon is also conjunct Mercury, the gatekeeper of communication. With both of these celestial bodies in Leo this is the perfect time to boldly communicate our hearts desires. It is with this inner light and the power of the word that we penetrate through illusion and open wider spaces for only the deepest of love to remain. Only when we are centered in this knowing can we surround ourselves with others that reflect our greatness and beauty. This is the art of compassionate and loving communication. May we move forward basking in the warmth of this medicine.

Blessed Bee,




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