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The Innate Value of Seed Saving

Seed saving has without a doubt saved my relationship with the land. A few years into my gardening journey I felt helpless as to how much my work was impacting the environment.


Cyclical Healing In A Growing Dome

As she sat in a little nook of her passive/active solar house, in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico, she found herself asking the question, “Who am I now and how…


Cultivating An Abundance Mindset

Cultivating abundance, both financially and in my garden, has been a long journey for me. When I first became interested in gardening I was convinced…


Nourishment During The Solstice

Ideas are streaming through us right now at a lightening-fast speed. Projects are in full swing, deadlines are looming, plants are fruiting faster than we can harvest them, and our bodies…

Redefining Independence

Independence Day begs us to ask some of the most critical questions of the century in regards to local and global sustainability. Such questions demand that the rising leaders in…

Seed Saving For Pollinator Protection

Article coming soon!!